Structural Repair

Old Fashioned House
Old Fashioned House

We are your specialist structural repair contractors

Cracks in internal walls, horizontal cracking in brick work, bowing brickwork, cracked lintels, arches and window cills – these are all signs that a building is undergoing movement or corrosion of some description. If any of these issues are present, you may need to invest in structural repairs.

As structural repair surveyors and contractors, our services are focused on the masonry repairs used to strengthen and to stop further movement. We survey, diagnose, design and install the systems required for the repair of the many different structural scenarios that can affect properties.

Our structural and concrete repair activities

  • Replacement of wall ties that are showing signs of cavity wall tie corrosion
  • Addition of wall ties where not enough are present
  • Forming or strengthening lintels above windows or replacing defective wooden lintels
  • Strengthening to masonry arches
  • Cracked and corroded concrete window cill repair
  • Securing the wall to internal floor joists or roof beams to stabilise bulging walls
  • Sympathetic restoration to structural timber beams which are suffering from decay