John Deere Tractor Agricultural Services Cornwall

Tractor & Digger Hire

Ever wanted to hire a tractor and not know who to contact? Well, you can contact us at R Z T Ltd as we have a range of John Deere Tractors & New Holland Diggers available for hire.


What’s so good about the John Deere Tractor?

The John Deere series of tractors are designed to be the most powerful and multi useful machine on your workforce and built to conquer various challenges in most industrial and environmental conditions.

The series of tractor we stock are a large frame tractor having a spacious cab with a comfort view which provides all-round visibility. It also has all controls and interfaces placed logically for interaction. It also has a new command arm which is complemented by the new command centre with Bluetooth connectivity.

Why would you want to hire a tractor?

There are many incredible uses of a tractor such as:

  • Brush Hogging 
  • Land clearing
  • Preparing land for growing crops or gardening
  • Livestock care and feeding
  • Help with emergency transport due to big tires
  • Landscaping
  • Fence building
  • Construction projects
  • Trail maintenance
  • Harvesting
  • Snow clearance


Why Hire a New Holland Digger for Farming

R Z T Ltd hold stock of a range of New Holland Diggers.

We deliver it directly to site on our low loading trailer. The machine is operated by our team of professional operators, who has many years experience of working with these machines. Any type of work is undertaken and the machine and operator are supplied at an hourly rate.
These services are to include;

  • Ditching
  • Lake/pool excavation
  • Draining
  • Site Clearance
  • Hardcore stone sorting with a riddle bucket
  • Stone Track Repair
  • Landscaping
  • Tree felling/stump removal
  • Footings
  • Site preparation for buildings

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