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Boundary Maintenance

Keeping your land clear & tidy effectively and without compromise. Whether you need trees clearing, hedges cutting or fences repairing, talk to our expert team and start enjoying the benefits.

RZT Ltd offers unrivalled agricultural services in Cornwall. Our service also includes comprehensive boundary maintenance of farmland and roads, we have extensively worked with farm owners for the past 40 years and in more recent years Cornwall Council to keep our Cornish lanes clear of hedges running into the road.

Our team at RZT Ltd are available to undertake any boundary maintenance including de-silting, ditch clearance, hedge cutting and tree clearance. We offer fantastic rates, the first-class service every time and we treat your land as if it was our own, we are considerate and careful at all times. We comply with all health and safety regulations and wildlife laws.

We operate a fleet of John Deere tractors with spearhead hedge cutters, which are sometimes known as the sidearm flail machines. We use these machines for either cutting hedges or cutting back grass verges using a flail head which leaves a neat and tidy cut and mulches the residual cuttings back into the hedge or sward. Our machines have the flexibility of being able to exchange the cutting much larger hedge growth or for trimming back overgrown trees. We also have other machines that are equipped with telescopic arms which allow for cutting up to 6.5m which is perfect for trimming windbreaks around orchards for example.

Our compact John Deere machine allows us to reach into a small area, tight lanes and around tight corners. It really is a go-to machine for site’s that have little room or a tree that is very tight into a corner.

Here at RZT Ltd, we really do have a machine for every job and highly skilled workman, which make every job we do time efficiently whilst never compromising on the quality of work.

For a FREE no-obligation quotation, contact our friendly team at RZT Ltd and we will be happy to visit your farmland to discuss how we can help you.

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