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Turf Cutter

Here at RZT Ltd we have specialised equipment designed to help you complete almost any possible project with ease and efficiency at a competitive price! When it comes to re-turfing your lawn, no machine is better suited to assisting you in the labour-intensive operation than our petrol turf cutter

Our petrol turf cutter has been designed to remove the top surface layer of lawns by cutting consistent strips of your lawns turf away from the soil quickly and effortlessly.The time of year when you use a turf cutter isn’t too important as the robust machine can handle most situations, but we recommend using the turf cutter at the beginning of Spring. We do recommend that you DO NOT use the turf cutter when the ground is practically hard (this would be periods around Winter or following long spells

Our machine offers an unbeatable mixture of durability and unparalleled ease of maintenance. Operated by time-served drivers, you can hire excavators in the knowledge that you are in safe hands. Contact us to check the availability of our Plant Hire today!

Require Turf? Contact us today for a fabulous price on all grades of turf sourced in Cornwall.