Stone Burier Cornwall

Stone Burier

Stone Burier Hire in Cornwall

RZT Ltd Contractors are one of the only Contractors in Cornwall offering Stone Burying services to businesses & landowners. We have everything from smaller stone buriers that are suitable for smaller more plots of land and tighter spaces, to large machines suitable for large pieces of lands. 

Our Stone Burier prepares the ground in one pass ready for seeding using a rotavator motion and has a seedbox attachment for preparation and seeding in one go. If you just need large stones burying for grass seeding at a later day, these’s machines are perfect. 

Our Stone Burier is available to hire with one of our skilled operators. We are unable to hire out this particle machinery without a driver, due to the size of tractor required to pull the machinery. We are able to come and visit the land and then provide a quotation. 

Please phone 01209 719053 for pricing and availability. 

The Excavator can be supplied with a mounted seeded box for an additional hire charge. Hire the BLEC excavator stone burier with RZT Ltd today!

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