Foul & Storm Drainage

Our team are able to deal with a variety of drainage associated jobs, including drainage inspections, repairs, maintenance and installation.

We cover all 3 aspects of drainage work; all types of Foul Drainage, all types of Storm Drainage and all types of Sub-Soil Drainage. In all three categories, we are able to resolve where there are problems or design and construct drainage schemes where none already exist.

Our experienced Drainage solutions team can handle your Drainage problems above and below ground level.

Foul Drainage

Foul Drainage is the process involving the disposal of sewerage waste. Our service enables us to design whatever the requirements are for your existing drainage scheme or to incorporate new additions to existing Drainage schemes. We are able to calculate gradients to give self-cleansing velocities to ensure that the drain operates efficiently. All our schemes will include the provision of all relevant apparatus as well as correct pipe size/diameters.

Storm and Surface Water Drainage

Surface Water Drainage is designed to drain excess rain and groundwater from impervious surfaces such as paved roads, car parks, forecourts, footpaths, or driveways.

In this service, we have the capacity to design the correct size, layout and apparatus of the disposal system. We are able to assess the volumes of surface water to ensure that the drain operates correctly whatever the conditions.

Sub Soil Drainage

Sub Soil Drainage is a drain installed to collect sub-surface water and deliver it to disposal if this is not designed properly greater moisture content below ground level can weaken the Surface and surrounding buildings. We are able to introduce perforated or pipe systems which can be in grid or pattern systems. Additionally, we can provide the correct aggregate type and size for a given situation. We are able to provide, Sub-Soil Drainage systems with water cleansing to assists dispersal using silt traps prior to disposal.

Our drainage solutions team have dealt with all these situations over the years. Call today to resolve your drainage problems and arrange a no-obligation quotation.

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