Artificial Grass and Dogs: What’s Good To Know

We have found that artificial grass is becoming really very popular among our customers that are looking for a drought-friendly alternative to a traditional lawn. Artificial grass has so many fantastic benefits such as less upkeep and maintenance, your outside space will also appear lush and green all year round. However, if you have a dog you may be concerned about the safety and durability of switching to artificial grass.

The great news is that artificial lawns are safe for dogs and are typically more resilient than natural lawns when it comes to the life of the lawn. Although, here are a few things to consider before introducing your dog to a new artificial lawn.

Artificial Grass: It’s Resilient and Durable

Dog’s can be extremely tough on lawns, especially if your dog like’s to turn up the grass by digging little holes all over the lawn. If it’s been raining at all, your damp lawn becomes a marsh, becoming easier for your dog to get muddy paw’s. If you allow your pet to the toilet on the lawn, you have definitely experienced burnt patches of yellow grass dotted around your garden. Thankfully, a good quality artificial lawn that is installed correctly will offer a combination of durability with no mess nor maintenance.

Your Doggy’s Toilet Habits Won’t Damage it

Should your dog be able to relieve themselves on your artificial lawn? Yes of course! Dog’s tend to find a special spot in your garden, it may be a patch of gravel, patio or natural grass. If you are completely replacing all areas within your garden for artificial grass, don’t worry! Your dog will usually adapt after a short period to the new surface, try to teach your dog to use one particular area by using treats.

Dog’s waste won’t negatively affect your artificial grass at all, as it’s super easy to clean. The permeable back found on most artificial grass will simply allow fluids to drain away. You can use water and suitable natural cleaners, to clean the patch where your dog goes to the toilet to keep the area really clean and fresh.

Simple to Clean and Deodorize

Artificial grass is easy to clean when it comes to collect dog waste, if you have ever tried to clean the mess up from a lawn that is slightly too long, you will know it’s a nightmare! With artificial grass, you can simply scoop them up and hose off the area, so quick and easy with no leftover mess anywhere to be seen. Most artificial grasses have a polyurethane or latex backing and are designed to enable fluid to easily pass through, sometimes urine odours can prove still a little challenging. Just like many other household materials such as carpet, artificial grass can trap strong odours and it can be hard to know how to firstly detect them and secondly get rid of them from your lawn.

So if you’ve already cleaned up the mess and hosed down your dog’s spot and still smell a lingering smell, simply spray the area with lemon juice or white vinegar leave sit for a few moments and then hose away. Once the area has completely dried in the sunshine, you should notice the odour has disappeared.

Artificial Grass is Normally Non-Toxic BUT there is an Exception

If you have a younger four-legged friend or perhaps just a slightly curious dog, they may not be able to resist the urge to have a little nibble or lick of the newly laid artificial grass surface.

One very known exception is lead. Lead is known to be harmful to dogs and children if ingested. You will find that most artificial grass that is imported or older may have backings that have been treated in a lead mixture. It is always important to opt for a lead-safe, non-toxic artificial grass, usually made in the UK or USA. If you are purchasing second-hand artificial grass, try and get information on where the grass was originally purchased from. If you can not identify where the grass was imported from, then it is best not to purchase it.

So, the great news is that artificial grass can be safely enjoyed by everyone, even your four-legged friends! Purchase artificial grass that is completely lead-free and safe for pets and children.

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