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Best Practice When Using a Dumper Truck

We pride ourselves at RZT Ltd on having an unquestionably high standard of testing and thorough health and safety practice with regards to all our fleet of machinery. If you are considering hiring a dumper truck for use on a construction site, it is important to us that you understand how to use it effectively and safely, to reduce the risk of accident and/or injury on site.

We are continually reviewing our service processes and levels, developing our core principles to offer the most effective service possible to our customers. So, when you hire a dumper truck from RZT Ltd, you’re assured you’ll:

Be Given the Safest Machine
We are constantly investing in our plant hire fleet, and you’ll find the latest models of dumper trucks available to you. These will have been built to the latest health and safety specifications and have the latest innovative technology to assist with keeping you safe on site.

Have a Fully Working Model
Before any plant hire equipment is sent out to our customers, we will put it through a rigorous testing procedure, as well as take care of all maintenance and repair issues. That way, when the dumper truck arrives on-site, you’ll be ready to go straight away.

Receive Full Familiarisation
We are also keen to ensure that all dumper trucks and plant hire are sent to our customer with informative training from a member of our highly trained team, Understanding how to use a dumper truck effectively on-site is imperative to reduce any instances of accidents. If you’d like to enquire about dumper truck hire for construction, contact us on 01209 719053 for a no-obligation quotation.

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